The best arenas in the NBA that you should visit

While some of the arenas in the NBA are known for their hostile atmosphere and giving their teams the best home court advantage possible, some are just great for basketball. These arenas have been impressing fans up and down the country as they help NBA franchises put on a show. Check out the best arenas in the NBA.

Madison Square Garden – New York

The iconic arena hasn’t been a happy home for New York basketball in recent seasons, but it’s still one of the most impressive venues in the NBA. The Knicks haven’t been able to put a roster together to show off their historic home for many years, with their last NBA championship coming in 1973.

The best arenas in the NBA that you should visit

Despite the hunger from fans for a title, the Knicks still put on a great show thanks to their legendary arena. It’s a special arena that not only fans look forward to playing in, but the players love to go to New York and show off their skills to the locals. Players step up their games on the Madison Square Garden court, and it’s one of basketball’s finest venues.

Barclays Center – New York

The Nets made their return to New York in 2012 when they moved into the much-loved Barclays Center in Brooklyn. It cost a billion dollars to put together, and every cent seems to have been spent in making it one of the NBA’s most impressive modern venues.

With the Nets looking to build their franchise into a title-winning outfit, the Barclay Center is going to play a huge part in any success. It’s great to have a shiny new arena, but the fans will have to play their parts to get the best out of their players on the court.

Scotiabank Arena – Toronto

Toronto fans have always had a reputation for being some of the best in the league, and their high quality is matched by the arena they play in. The Scotiabank Arena piles the fans high and creates one of the best atmospheres found anywhere in the league. During the playoffs, the arena is rocking and watching a game of basketball in their home arena is a must for any dedicated fan of the NBA.

Staples Center – Los Angeles

The Staples Center hosts both the Lakers and the Clippers in the heart of the California city. The arena has seen plenty of success thanks to the Lakers and is constantly undergoing improvements to maintain its reputation as one of the best in the league. The venue is so modern it’s capable of hosting ice hockey games and also is where the X-Games are hosted every year. In true LA fashion, the Staples Center is also the home of the Grammys ever year.

The best arenas in the NBA that you should visit

Amway Center – Orlando

The Orlando Magic were a surprise inclusion in the playoffs recently, and the team on the court haven’t been living up to their arena’s reputation. Fans love heading to the Amway Center in the heart of Orlando, even if the Magic don’t always put on an amazing show. The arena is state-of-the-art after opening in 2010, and it comes with so many extras it’s like a day out for the whole family.

There are a bunch of restaurants in the arena alongside a children’s play area and luxury suites. Fans don’t have to miss any of the action either thanks to the ultra-high-definition screen that is the largest in the league.

Putting on a great show for fans on the court is important, but the entire experience needs to be enjoyable these days. These arenas are some of the best in the NBA and have fans coming back time and time again, even if the play on the court isn’t all that great.