The best European Destinations for people who hate crowds

Most popular tourist destinations in the world deal with over tourism year in year out. This kind of over crowding at certain spots can make a travel experience less appealing than it was meant to be. Having to jostle through crowds, deal with crazy traffic and get literally no space to savor the exotic surroundings around you can dampen your trip.
Fortunately, there are many more destinations that are tourist-worthy that do not attract crazy crowds. If you want to enjoy your vacation somewhere a bit quiet look into any of these destinations found all over Europe:

The Hague, Netherlands

Amsterdam is Netherlands’ most popular tourist destination. The tourist numbers each year are more than triple that of the local population, and the city has began efforts to fight off the crowds. Visit museums, see art, see the fascinating Panorama Mesdag and walk the Scheveningen Boulevard in The Hague to get a much more uncrowded Dutch experience.

The Best European Destinations for People Who Hate Crowds

Lyon, France

When people think of a trip to France, they think Paris. The city now receives more than 30 million visitors per year. With the crowds only getting bigger, Lyon is an ideal alternative. This third-largest city in France only receives just a fifth of the tourists that Paris does. A trip there in winter comes with skiing opportunities in the French Alps. Stroll down quiet medieval streets, visit the Roman amphitheater and venture into the old city where you’ll find both French and Italian renaissance architecture. It’s also fairly easy to escape crowded Paris if you’re already there, as Lyon is only two train hours away.

Hamburg, Germany

If you love Amsterdam for its canals, bridges and general ambience, you’ll find Hamburg in neighboring Germany to your liking. Find ancient architecture in the old town. The port of Hamburg is a great place to start with your exploration. Here, you can see the 3.9 kilometer bridge that crosses the harbor. Get to visit Kunsthalle Hamburg, an art gallery that boasts art from as far back as the 14th century.

County Donegal, Ireland

There are endless stunning sights to see in County Donegal. Think sweeping hillsides, a beautiful, unpolluted coastline, medieval churches, non commercialized beaches and Mountain backdrops. The adventures that you can create in this nature filled place undoubtedly beats crowds and endless queues in the top European cities. It gives you exactly what you imagine when you plan a vacation: serenity, relaxation and excitement.

The Best European Destinations for People Who Hate Crowds

Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is an obvious choice for winter travel, but have you ever thought of how uncrowded it must be during the summer? Bern remains to be one of the least crowded capital cities in Europe in summer. Here, you get away from exhausting crowds while still getting to enjoy marvelous museums, medieval churches and amazing cathedrals.

Porto, Portugal

Barcelona is fighting tourist crowds, and that’s your cue to venture into nearby Portugal. As with many other cities in Europe, you’ll get a taste of old Portugal here. That coupled with a rich cultural heritage gives you a better experience than in most European destinations as you get all the exciting experiences without the crowds.