The best spots to take photos in America

If you’re just as obsessed with social media as we are, then you’ll know that there is nothing better than grabbing the perfect photo and doing it for the ‘Gram. Yes, whether you make your way out of the house to take advantage of the golden hour or whether you travel across the globe to find something special that will stand out from the screen, it’s definitely worth it for those extra love hearts. If you’re from the States and love filling up your grid with incredible pictures, these are the best spots to take photos in America

The Wave, Arizona

Part of the excitement surrounding The Wave on the Arizona/Utah border is that you’re not guaranteed the opportunity to see it. That’s because the entrance to see this natural phenomenon is limited, and only a specific number of people are allowed there each day to preserve its beauty and grace. If you do manage to get up close and personal with these curving rocks, you’ll be able to see just how magnificent it is with your very eyes.

The best spots to take photos in America

The High Line, New York City

If you’ve ever wanted to visit New York City, then you’ve probably added the likes of Times Square, Central Park, and the Empire State Building to your “to-do” list. However, many people forget about The High Line. This incredible park is built on a disused freight line that sits above the city and offers beautiful flowers, art installations, and more. It’s a welcome and beautiful retreat in the concrete jungle.

Secret Swing in Elysian Park, Los Angeles

Finding the secret swing in Elysian Park can be a bit of an issue, considering the exact location is kind of a secret (shhh, don’t tell anyone!). However, we do know that it’s just a short drive from the Dodger Stadium and hangs above the 110 freeway. The swing is attached to a tree that has been adorned in spray paint and artwork, and the views are pretty incredible whether you’re on the swing or behind it taking the photo.

Goblin Valley, Utah

If you’re a fan of doing it for the ‘Gram and will do as much hiking as possible to snap that perfect pic, then you should definitely add Goblin Valley to your bucket list. With some of the most incredible rock formations you’ve ever seen, you could spend hours climbing through nooks and crannies and snapping away at the same time. When you’re done, you can spend the night in one of the awesome yurts located here!

The best spots to take photos in America

Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin, Austin

Next time you find yourself in Texas, grab your phones and make your way to Ellsworth Kelly’s art installation in the Blanton Museum of Art. This building was designed to be a place of relaxation, contemplation, and joy, and although it may be empty, it’s full of brightly colored windows, intriguing pieces of artwork, and more.

So next time you want to take an awesome picture for social media, why not give these places a go?