The best vegetarian and vegan food tours across Europe

Food tours are a staple of trips through Europe. Few things can compare to a guided tour through a historical city where you also get to sample the local cuisine. Thankfully, there are good plant-based options for the growing number of traveling vegans and vegetarians. Since they may be a bit harder to find, we’ve compiled a neat list of the best plant-based food tours of major European destinations.


London may be the world’s most vegan-friendly city. PETA awarded them this title in 2009, and Happy Cow did in 2019. For travelers seeking a proper London experience without animal products, B Bakery’s vegan afternoon tea is a top choice. They serve a variety of vegan pastries and sandwiches with their tea as they guide tourists along classic sites. Alternatively, Vegan Food Tours London is an option for those who’d rather look at street art in the Shoreditch district.

Brighton has the most vegan and vegetarian restaurants in all of Britain, and it’s the home of the annual VegFest in March. Also, there’s a vegetarian tour by Sussex Food Tours. They offer a variety of flavors that would appeal even to carnivore friends. During the four hour tour, guests get to enjoy award-winning modern classics that originated in Brighton.

The best vegetarian and vegan food tours across Europe


Many tourists have France as their top destination, and food is often a central element of a trip to France. And there’s plenty for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy. Vegan Food Tours offers guided tours through Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux. Here, tourists can enjoy salads and pastries and even plant-based versions of French classics like pâté and cheese.
Meanwhile, the tours meander through both picturesque historical districts and modern ones full of vibrant urban culture. Each tour is around four hours long and includes four meals as participants soak in the world-famous French culture and architecture.

The Netherlands

Few cities are as iconic as Amsterdam, and it’s a tourist hot spot if there ever was one. It’s rich in history and art, full of beautiful canals and parks, and littered with old bakeries and museums. One memorable way to take in this city is a canal boat tour. The Boat Boys offer such a trip, which includes vegan delicacies, unlimited beer and wine, and a variety of fancy drinks. Also, the boat is almost 100 years old.

Those who prefer walking should check out Vegan Food Tours. Their tour begins by the edge of the lush Vondelpark and explores the scenic Oud-West district, full of cafés and restaurants. Travelers curious about Dutch specialties like bitterballs and their various junk foods can enjoy plant-based versions on these tours. Of course, there are also more proper meals, as well as vegan ice cream.


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Thankfully, there are plenty of vegans and vegan-friendly establishments in the old world capital. Again, Vegan Food Tours take travelers on a walk through history, taking in the picturesque sites of the Monti neighborhood. Of course, the local cuisine is also world-renowned, so it’s good that there are vegan options. How about some vegan pizza? Perhaps a classic trio of antipasti, fresh pasta, and dairy-free gelato sounds good?
Let’s not forget about Florence. Here, travelers can get custom vegan tours from Fantastic Florence. The main stop of the trip is the Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo, which is an open-air food market with plenty of vegan samples to enjoy. Plus, it includes a wine and chocolate tasting session – and it’s vegan-certified. Doesn’t this sound like a tasty way to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities?

The best vegetarian and vegan food tours across Europe

Czech Republic

The old Bohemian capital Prague, known for its beer and cabbage dishes, offers some of the most memorable tourism experiences at very reasonable prices. As the former east-bloc nation has rapidly westernized, plant-based restaurants keep popping up all over the place.

I Like Veggie take tourists on walks through the central historic neighborhoods with four pit stops at veggie-based eateries. The tour takes around four hours and includes famous sights like the old town square with its unique astronomical clock while also exploring lesser-known gems. If learning about history while enjoying a raw vegan dessert on a picturesque street in the heart of Europe sounds good, it’s a top choice.