Caribbean islands: which one do you choose?

The Caribbean is often considered the epicenter of paradise – white sandy beaches, coconut-filled palm trees, and gorgeous sunsets over glistening crystal blue oceans. It’s no wonder its numerous islands are becoming more and more popular as a destination for sun-seeking tourists.

Whether big or small, urban or remote, each island differs in scenic appearance as much as they differ in what they offer visiting tourists looking for a good time. Here is a look at what we consider to be the best Caribbean islands to visit, and what we love most about them.


Perhaps the first island you would think of first, there’s actually a lot more to Jamaica than you may know. As well as entertaining you with its energetic local lifestyle, it’s a perfect place for vacationing with a host of luxury resorts for couples, friends or families. Jamaica is the owner of a distinct urban culture that’s fascinatingly wonderful to explore and celebrate. You’re invited. Best if you’re looking for…a mix of spicy local food, glorious street music, and resort relaxing.

Puerto Rico

As well as the lively jostle of the San Juan capital, the US territory of Puerto Rico also boasts some great natural scenery too. It’s perfect for those wanting to spend time mixing up a bit of trekking, beach relaxing and taking in the local Hispanic culture. It’s got some incredible casinos too. Best if you’re looking for…a taste of the Caribbean without using the passport.

Caribbean islands: which one do you choose?


Aruba is the place to go if you want the traditional vacation…we’re talking laying on the beach all day with a refreshment in hand watching the sun rise and fall. There’s a long stretch of stunning beaches, and a host of world-class bars, restaurants, malls and resorts to please the those wanting the simple vacation life. Best if you’re looking for…a sandy beach chillout.

The Bahamas

There seems to be something appealing for everyone at The Bahamas. It’s a Caribbean island that encompasses everything we love about paradise – reefs for ocean divers, waterfalls and rainforests for rural explorers, beaches for the lounging-types, and most recently it’s become a nightlife hub for young partiers! Best if you’re looking for…a place to please everyone.

Cayman Islands

As well as looking aesthetically like a tropical paradise, the Cayman Islands are also a paradise for those wanting to have a bit of fun and adventure. The islands are famous for their world-renowned diving excursions, and Stingray City is a place for you to experience a spectacular natural congregation of stingrays. There’s non-stop activities to keep you occupied…watersports, snorkeling and jet skis galore! Best if you’re looking for…fun, adventure and adrenaline.


Dominica is not so much about white sandy beaches, but more about venturing to see the hidden natural gems…waterfalls, rock pools, tropical rainforests, valleys, and trails – all waiting for you to explore. This island is for mountain trekkers and nature-lovers looking to get up off their sun-lounger and put on their boots.. Best if you’re looking for…activeness and being at one with scenic nature.

Caribbean islands: which one do you choose?

Our insight into our favorites is just touching on the array of islands you can find in the Caribbean. There’s plenty of locations for you to explore and there’s different sights, cultures, resorts, and activities that provide any type of vacationer with the good-times they need. Do your research and step into paradise…it’s waiting.