Heading to a beach getaway? Make sure you pack these items

When you daydream about your next vacation staring out the office window, most people will picture a paradise beach. You know the one with the palm trees swaying in the refreshing cool breeze, with the sound of the gentle warm waves lapping on the golden sand, and only the gorgeous glimmering horizon to gaze upon. Yeah, that one.

It’s no surprise that most vacation-goers will choose to take a trip to the beach. It’s the perfect option for a tranquil getaway. To help you get the most out of your next beach trip, here are some must-have items that you need to be packing.

Heading to a beach getaway? Make sure you pack these items

Portable speaker

Having a bit of music playing while you relax in the sun is a perfect accompaniment. Whatever the type of music you like, investing in a portable outdoor speaker can make a real difference to your day. Remember, good battery life is key!

Picnic sets

It’s always a great idea to take your own picnic food to the beach. If this is what you tend to do then it may well be worth bringing along a cooler bag. It will keep your food fresh, vital in a hot climate. They’re not too expensive either. Plus getting some plastic cutlery and glasses can be great for special occasions too. The perfect picnic for the perfect day.

Beach attire

Remember to wear the right attire – we’re talking swimwear, sunhat, loose lightweight clothing, and always sunglasses! The proper footwear is key too – flip flops if you’re planning on lounging, sandals if you like to take a little stroll, and water shoes are also great for exploring rock pools and waterfalls. Plus bring a jumper just in case. You never know what’s lurking behind them clouds.

Beach entertainment

Bring along some fun and games if you’re the type to get bored easily, especially if you have kiddies coming along too! There’s so much entertainment for you to choose from – kites, frisbees, volleyball, bodyboards, snorkels or an inflatable float for you to unwind in the ocean waves.

Heading to a beach getaway? Make sure you pack these items


If you are the type of beach-goer that is quite happy to sit on the beach lounger all day, then perhaps bring along some reading for material to help pass the time. A kindle is made for days on a beach getaway! Time for you really delve into that great book you’ve been meaning to read.


Bring along an underwater camera for you to capture the day. They’re great for taking some fantastic action shots while you frolic in the water. There’s plenty of ones to choose from so make sure you invest in the right one for you – from the cheapest handheld underwater camera to latest up-to-date spec of the GoPro Hero 7.


If you’re heading to a secluded getaway beach, then remember to bring along the right seating for you to truly relax and get comfy. Beach chairs are a great option, or there’s now a wide range of portable loungers that are easy to chuck in the back of a car. Remember to pack a beach shade if you’re the type to get too hot from the sun, and a wind-break if you’re the type to get too cold from the breeze.

Make your beach getaway feels a bit more of an elite luxury experience with these items. Whatever the location, whatever the weather, remember to bring these along if you totally want to make the most of your day. Oh, and one other thing…sunscreen!