Hidden restaurants in London that only the locals know

Planning a trip to London and want to take in the real city vibes with the locals? This is the right place to be. While most articles will tell of the many glorious eating establishments that London has to offer, not many will dive down to the nitty-gritty little gems that are strategically tucked away for only the locals to enjoy. Feel like a real Londoner and take a gander at these brilliant hidden restaurants.

Hidden restaurants in London that only the locals know


As the name states, that’s exactly what we get when dining at this exquisite location. Tucked away under the streets of Covent Garden, Circus is a major hit with the people of the city and they like to keep it all to themselves. Become enthralled with fire-breathers, acrobats, and contortionists to name a few. Great food and even better entertainment make this restaurant one of the best places to socialize and get to know the locals.

Gremio De Brixton

How many restaurants can boast about being situated in the crypt of a church? Not many that we can think of, but Gremio De Brixton can. This enchanting establishment serves a variety of tapas-style foods and a large variety of beverages for thirsty travelers. Enjoy a party vibe? Stay after the dinner rush has died down and watch the stone crypt walls transform into party central.

Basement Sate

Basement State has a fabulous reputation as being one of the city’s best kept secret venues. Its claim to fame is its creative delicacies to tantalize the sweet tooth. Beautifully presented concoctions of pure decadence are what await beneath the streets of Soho. The perfect place to visit if indulgence is the aim of the evening.

Dans Le Noir

Located in Farringdon, the totally inconspicuous Dans Le Noir is definitely something a little different. Come take a peek inside and see, well, absolutely nothing. Let the other senses come alive while dining in complete darkness. Our eyes can sometimes give us preconceptions about what our food should taste like, so this experience will truly be like none other. Without our vision, our taste buds, sense of smell, and hearing will go into hyperdrive.

The Little Blue Door

Walking around Fulham in Chelsea? Better keep a keen eye open for this one, it’s pretty easy to miss. The Little Blue Door was designed to look and feel like a home, just knock to enter. Come for a meal, come to chill, or come to have fun. This quaint spot is always buzzing with groups of friends playing board games, video games, enjoying great food, and having an overall jolly old time.

The Candlelight Club

Take a trip to the center of London for one of its most top-secret hot spots. Step through the doors and be swept back to the 1920s with all the charm and vintage whimsy of the era. Exquisite entrées and beautifully crafted beverages are the order of the night. But be prepared, because all who attend need to dress the part and be prepared for the candlelit razzle-dazzle party of a lifetime.

It’s no wonder that London is the gourmet capital of the world. The standards have filtered down to these tiny, but epic hidden establishments. These are the real places to enjoy in London and make a few new friends along the way.