How to shoot professional snaps with your phone

You might think that you need to fork out thousands to get a camera worthy of all those social media snaps, but thankfully you might have had one good enough in your pocket all along. That’s right; it’s time to leave the camera at home and shoot professional snaps with your phone.

Use your gridlines

There is a reason that our phones come with the ability to feature grid lines over our photos, and it’s all to help us take professional-looking snaps without an expensive camera. Photography uses a “rule of thirds” which states how things can be placed on these lines or at the intersections to make them stand out more in our snaps. However, it sometimes pays to break the rules and put things in the center of the photos – it’s all about experimenting.

How to shoot professional snaps with your phone

Try out angles and perspectives

Sometimes, a photo can seem a bit bland, but what about if you were to look at the same scene from a different angle? This can put a whole new spin on things. That’s right; getting down low, moving around, or standing above the scene could all turn it into an entirely new photo. On the other hand, using forced perspectives can make it seem as though you’re a professional with a camera – even if you’re merely using your phone.

Use the light

Phone cameras are great, but they perform best when used in natural light. Using artificial yellow light can leave our photos looking grainy or murky, especially when we’re inside. Have no fear; there could be some ways to combat the issue. All you need to do is switch your light bulbs to naturally lit versions, or even better, take your photo shoot outside. If neither is an option, then using a cool filter can help to reverse the discoloration.

Keep things clean

When using our phones to take professional photos, it’s best to keep the area as clean as possible. Yes, less really can be more. To do this, make sure the background is free of clutter, and the foreground has nothing in the way. If you can’t help but get something in the frame that you no longer want to see, then all you need to do is go into your phone’s photo editing mode and merely crop out any unwanted extras.

How to shoot professional snaps with your phone

Use editing apps

Filters can be a great place to start for many photographers, but gone are the days of having snaps like everyone else. No, we want to have professional looking photos. There are a ton of photo editing apps that will help you control every aspect of your snap all from your phone. Although over-editing can make any photo look grainy, a few tweaks here and there could be enough to give your pictures a unique twist.

It once seemed as though we needed the latest tech to get professional-quality snaps, but it appears we could have been sitting on the ultimate camera this whole time: our phones.