Travel hacks that even frequent fliers don’t know

We’re often advised on travel hacks that supposedly make our flying experiences faster, cheaper, and just a whole lot more enjoyable, but funnily enough, there’s probably more travel tips and tricks that you may not have heard about.

If you’re planning a trip away and will be booking your flight very soon, then stop and take a look at these hacks beforehand that may or may not make your journey a whole lot easier…

Save money by booking two one-way flights

This one really does depend on the time, date, location, and the deals available, but believe it or not, sometimes booking two one-way flights is actually cheaper than booking an all-round package trip. Be aware that this is only the case if you use two different airlines, but you’ll be surprised at how much you can save if you find the right mix and match flights. Always make sure you check numerous airline sites first.

Travel hacks that even frequent fliers don’t know

Clear your cookies for a better deal

Unfortunately, airlines can be rather sneaky with the tailored deals they offer you. As the prices of each flight will go up and down with demand, the price may also fluctuate depending on how many times you visit the site. It’s been found that the more times you revisit the page, the more likely it is that you’ll be offered a higher price. So as a way of combating this risk, always delete your cookies or browse using an incognito mode.

Download your airline’s app for secret deals

There’s an app for near enough everything these days, so it’s surprising how few of us download our airline’s app before boarding. As well as it providing us with an e-ticket and real-time departure times and gate numbers, you may also find secretive deals on airport goods or onboard food/entertainment. It’s always best to download and have a browse. You never know!

Check out the airport lounge for an extra fee

You probably don’t already know that most first-class airport lounges offer passengers day-tickets even if you don’t already have first-class tickets. Unfortunately, these passes do come at a price, but they’ll most likely be far less expensive than you think. This upgrade to pre-flight luxury could be a good option for you if all first-class tickets had sold out, or you simply want to make the most of your spare time before your flight. Now, you know the option is there.

Cut out the jet lag by staying healthy

One of the biggest downfalls of flying long-haul is the jet-lag you get from the time difference. It can be a real drag, but if you treat your body right, your experience can be vastly different. The key is to pack in some pre-flight sleep to make sure your body isn’t already lagging in rest. Your diet can also seriously affect your tiredness, so make sure you eat super healthy in the week running up to the flight and avoid caffeine at all costs!

Travel hacks that even frequent fliers don’t know

See a city for free!

Although you may not want to book a journey that includes a long stopover deliberately, sometimes it’s unavoidable… and most people view stopovers as an entirely negative thing. However, as long as your airline logistics and legal visa allow you to do so, why not make the most of your free time by roaming the nearby town or city?

Even the most seasoned fliers may not know what we’ve told you – so don’t keep them a secret. Spread the word and open up the world’s eyes to these handy tricks.