Ridiculously expensive resorts that are totally worth the money

Our world is full of resorts. With many different types of resorts that you can try and explore, it is good to remember that the most luxurious resorts are the most expensive resorts. If you want to experience the life of the rich and famous, even for a day or two, you get the chance at the following luxury resorts. These are ridiculously expensive resorts that are totally worth the money.

Veysonnaz in Switzerland

This resort is linked to some 250 miles of ski routes in the area of the Four Valleys in Switzerland. It is also an excellent choice for those who wish to stay in a charming town that is relatively uncontaminated and is not often full of tourists. The French-speaking village, about two hours from Geneva, is quieter than the big resorts, but offers plenty of skiing and other fun activities, so you can stay there all winter.

Ridiculously expensive resorts that are totally worth the money

Lagen Island Resort, El Nido in Palawan

A luxury resort in Palawan, a province of the Philippines, the island of Lajin offers forest rooms and cottages. This complex is known for the rich vegetation around it as well as the sparkling, clear blue color of the surrounding waters. In addition to the resort’s amenities and services, guests get an unbelievable view of towering limestone formations right next to the resort.

Eskaya Beach Resort, in Panglao

For those who want a more accessible luxury resort than those in Palawan, the resort of Eskaya Beach in Bohol, also in the Philippines, is a good option. Known not only for the quiet white beach where it is located, it has also established its reputation as a prime spa destination. With only 15 private villas on the entire island of Panglao, relaxing and private are the best words to describe this expensive resort.

Ridiculously expensive resorts that are totally worth the money

The Royal Villa in Athens

The Royal Villa in Athens is a luxury resort, which costs around $50,000 a night. This luxurious hotel complex is located in the south of Athens, and has all the luxurious amenities you could ever dream of. The calm waters of the Aegean Sea offer relaxation, and Greek hospitality is legendary.

Verbier in Switzerland

The rich and famous are frequent visitors of this charming resort, but it’s not only for those who have deep pockets. Verbier is a popular destination for a wide variety of people, and is world famous for good reason. The resort has some of the best conditions for skiing in the world, as well as excellent nightlife.

Aman Resort, Amanpulo in Palawan

This exclusive first-class resort in Palawan has played host to some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities and internationally known personalities. The resort can only be reached by private flight from Manila, directly to the island of Pamalican, where the resort is located. The lowest amount you can expect to pay for a night’s stay at this beach resort in the Philippines is $950. This price, however, is considered a great deal by many who testify to the luxury, privacy, and breathtaking beauty that the resort offers.

Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martínez in Cannes

Located in Cannes, France, this hotel offers luxury services, including a Michelin-star restaurant and a piano bar, and that’s in addition to the a private beach experience. The luxurious penthouse suite has two bathrooms, a hot tub, a sauna, a shower, and a huge terrace that offers guests a wonderful view of the bay of Cannes.