The best time of year to travel

Although we tend to all take our vacations between July and September, as they are the summer months where we live, that isn’t always the best time of year for specific places or activities. You may find yourself missing out on the best experience by always sticking to the same months of travel, so it’s important to do your research.


If you want to go on a safari when you visit Africa, it’s essential to research the migration cycles of animals to allow yourself to see the ones you want. For example, the Great Migration runs between mid-December to March, with many wildebeest giving birth between late January to mid-March. Weather-wise, North Africa is cold in winter, and hot in summer, but early spring and fall are ideal. West Africa, on the other hand, is perfect in late summer through to winter as you will miss the hot winds.


There are different benefits to different times of the year in India. For example, tigers are most likely to be seen between January and March, whereas the best birds can be seen between October and March. India is at its most colorful during the monsoon months of June to August but is far too hot in April and May.

The best time of year to travel


China has quite extreme seasons generally, with cold winter and hot summers. However, if you head to the south, you can expect a milder climate. In western China, spring or fall are the best options, however, if you are heading to the coast on the Southeast, the summer is very rainy, but the winter is pretty mild.

Southeast Asia

Between November and February, you can expect mild weather and clear skies, which is ideal for exploring. April and May are incredibly humid so not very comfortable, and the monsoon rains between May and July are cooling but could scupper some of your plans. October has the benefit of delicious fresh food and festivals, so that’s also a great option.



Bali is stunning, even with a bit of rain, so weather-wise you can go any time of the year. However, if you are wanting to avoid hoards of other tourists and have things be a little quieter, then you are best to book your trip between September and April. Tourism has really risen in Bali over the last few years, so it’s always a good idea to try and avoid the crowds.


The seasons are the opposite to America, with summer being December to February and winter in June to August. So if you want to experience the sunny weather in Australia, escape the cold winter and spend Christmas on the beach! If you head to the North, November to March can have a lot of flooding which can ruin some plans.

The best time of year to travel

Of course, ‘best’ is entirely subjective. For example, you might be someone who prefers to visit when it is the quietest season, even if it means you miss out on things, or you may just want to know when it is cheapest to travel to particular places. Hopefully, however, this article will help you decide! Bon voyage!