Discovering Odessa

When it comes to hidden treasures in the heart of Europe, very few places have as much to offer to travelers as Odessa. Also known as the Pearl of the Black Sea, Odessa is an incredible place to visit and explore. If you’re looking for an exciting new destination for you and your girlfriends, but you’re tired of visiting the same old spots that always get recommended to adventure-seeking women, why not take a peek at Odessa, Ukraine? With so much to do and see here, you can guarantee that you won’t get bored during your stay there!

Wait, is Odessa part of Russia?

One of the first things that people ask when they hear about Odessa is if it’s in Russia. Up until recently, Odessa was the fourth-largest city in the Russian Empire. It wasn’t until more recent years – in 1991, in fact – that Odessa became part of the Ukraine. However, it still holds a strong Russian influence, and the primary language that is spoken there is also Russian.

What makes Odessa so popular?

Odessa is extremely popular for visitors these days, largely thanks to the wide variety of things to experience while there. Originally a port town, Odessa grew rapidly as global explorers moved from port to port to peddle their wares. Trade is still a dominant trade there, too. The Port of Odessa is actually the largest seaport in the entire Ukraine, and still remains one of the more active ports in the Black Sea. To put it into perspective, this port is so busy, it sees some 40 million tons of traffic each and every year!

Discovering Odessa

If you’re a dancing queen, then Odessa is for you!

It’s totally understandable to be choosy when trying to book your next vacay. After all, nobody wants to feel like they’ve chosen a dud. Fortunately, Odessa isn’t just a thriving city on the Black Sea. It’s also a hip and modern metropolis with no shortage of fun things to do. If you’re a fan of an upbeat nightlife, then Odessa has got you covered. It boasts many nightclubs, including Ibiza and Itaka, found in Arcadia beach. Glam up, put on your dancing shoes, and grab your girlfriends to dance the night away!

Who doesn’t love to shop?

Even better, you can merge your love of shopping with your love of good food at the biggest shopping center in Odessa, the appropriately named Seventh-Kilometer Market. This outdoor mall offers literally almost everything to discerning shoppers, allowing you and your besties to fill your shopping bags to the brim with chic clothes and fancy baubles. When you’ve worked up an appetite from all of your shopping, make sure you check out some of the food vendors set up there, too. The local cuisine is pretty darn amazing and definitely worth sampling while you’re in Odessa!

Odessa is perfect for history buffs, too.

If you’re more into history and exploring the fascinating (albeit slightly macabre!) side of Odessa, then you seriously need to check out the catacombs. Say what? Yep! Odessa is the home of the famous subterranean catacombs that run beneath the city and are actually the most extensive catacomb system in the entire world. There are over 1,500 miles of catacombs running beneath the city. We’re not going to lie to you: they’re a little bit spooky, but they’re also super cool, as well.

Discovering Odessa

Odessa has no shortage of culture!

Finally, if you want to really soak up the local culture, you can partake in some people-watching on Derybasivska Street. This bustling thoroughfare is the perfect place to see firsthand how the locals live. Not only can you let your ears pick up the melodious rhythm of the local language, but you can also check out the shops dotting the street or pop into one of the many restaurants that can be found there. While this street can get pretty busy during the tourist season, that’s all part of the attraction of it! You can really feel the energy thrumming off this pedestrian street.

As you can see, Odessa is seriously the perfect spot for your next girl’s trip. What are you waiting for? Grab your passport and your besties – this fascinating and wondrous city awaits your presence!