Outside-the-box ideas for your next family vacation

Heading on a family vacation can be an exciting time, but what about when you turn up to find that every other family has had the same idea? Waiting in line and spending your entire time enjoying things you could see anywhere in the world aren’t everyone’s idea of a good time. These outside-the-box ideas for your next family vacation are sure to make memories that last a lifetime.


Sure, many of us have been to Yosemite National Park, but how many of us have ever glamped in a covered wagon? That’s what we thought. It could be time to lose all your ties to technology with a trip like no other. There is so much to see and do within the park, while the evenings can be filled with roasting marshmallows on the fire and playing games with the family.

Outside-the-box ideas for your next family vacation


Finland is filled with all kinds of wonders. One of the most impressive things that draws many people to the country is the Northern Lights. Of course, they are better to spot at certain times of the year, but with so much to do in Finland, this can still be the perfect family vacation no matter the weather. Skiing trips is one option for many, while others prefer to nature spot from their cabins.

New Orleans

Many people think of the famous carnival when they think of the city. However, there is so much more to New Orleans than meets the eye. The city is also filled with jazz music that brings the streets to life, an impressive aquarium, the zoo, and even plenty of chances to explore the local swaps. New Orleans also has a huge selection of delicious dishes on offer from their many street stalls to their world-class restaurants.


It might be a huge city, but Dubai is built for people of all ages. There are plenty of world-class hotels to help your family live the true life of luxury while the beaches and shopping malls can help pass the days by with ease. Still not enough? The food in Dubai is often considered to be some of the best in the world, while the adventure activities in the city are sure to keep everyone occupied.

Outside-the-box ideas for your next family vacation

The Amazon

Yes, you read that correctly. It once felt as though the Amazon Rainforest was filled with danger, but thankfully, that has all changed. There are many lodgings for people looking for the perfect outdoor adventure for the family. Many areas are free from mosquitoes while a lot of water has been deemed safe for swimming. To top it off, the Brazilian Amazon beaches speak for themselves.


If you want a way to enjoy the outdoors with the family, then why not book a vacation to Montana? Here, the whole family will get to learn how to horseback ride as well as getting the chance to experience life as a real-life cowboy. Wrangling horses and herding cattle are just a few things on offer. However, ziplining through the forest and riding ATVs should help to keep adventure-loving travelers occupied.


Going on your next family vacation doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing as everyone else. In fact, thinking outside the box could land you with a trip like no other. The best bit? The chances are that you’ll be the only one with these incredible stories to tell once you’re back at home.