The best and hardest ages to travel with a child

Children are little adorable angels, no doubt about that, but the fact is that they don’t exactly fit this description all the time. As a child grows, they go through various phases, with some ages being smooth transition and others not so much. If you like traveling and would like to take your family along, you probably need to think twice about the needs of the kids you’re taking along. If your child happens to be a toddler at the time, it could turn out to be in everyone’s best interest to just stay put at home until they hit a certain age, while there are some ages when kids manage to remain the little darlings they are and everybody gets to enjoy the trip. So, which are the worst and best ages to travel with a child? Proceed below for some insight.

The best and hardest ages to travel with a child

New Borns (0-3 months)

This is a delicate stage for both baby and mother, especially if the couple happens to be first-time parents. This early period in a child’s development is an anxious time, full of sleepless times. The baby is still very much susceptible to ailments because their immunity is not fully developed, so hauling them off to germ-prone airports and new environments is not such a good idea. As parents, you’ll barely have enough time to both enjoy your trip and pay round the clock attention to your newborn.

3-9 months

At this age, the baby sleeps a lot and is not mobile, so there’s less worrying about the baby crawling away into dangerously places. They’ll probably be able to sleep through long flights and remain in your arms. Here, dealing with teething during a trip becomes the nightmare you might face.

9-18 months

This is the age when a baby crawls, then begins to walk. Which makes them mobile, squirmy and overboard active. They’re always looking to be everywhere, doing everything they can get their little hands on. At this point, air travel becomes a nightmare because they won’t sit still. They don’t want to be held for long, or restrained. A few toys may act as distraction, but given their short attention span, they’ll get bored quickly, upset when you don’t let them crawl away and then resort to screaming. And when you finally get to your destination, you’ll forever be on the lookout to make sure they don’t crawl away to danger.

The best and hardest ages to travel with a child

18 months – 3 years

Kids start developing interest in activities that occupy them from around 18 months. This makes them easier to deal with. By the time they hit two years, they can spend long flights without causing havoc or stressing you out. They get engrossed in their toys, especially electronics. They also get better at responding to instructions given. Tantrums might be all you have to deal with when you travel with your child at this age, probably when they get tired.

3-5 years

At this age, your child is not bothersome at all on flights. After pre-school and kindergarten, they get even better at following instructions, making trips more manageable. With enough distraction in terms of games they enjoy and snacks, they’ll hardly keep you from enjoying the trip.

Children aged 9-18 months old are definitely hard to travel with, while three year olds and above do not demand as much attention or anxiety. However, these may still vary with kids according to their temperament.