Best travel destinations for sci-fi lovers

We all know the tired cliche that sci-fi fans spend all their time in dark basements, playing D and D, but of course, we know better. When it comes to vacations, you might not fancy spring break in Tampa, but somewhere you can tie in your love of sci-fi with seeing the world? Well, count us in!

Roswell, New Mexico

Alien conspiracy theorists can find themselves at the heart of their own sci-fi story at the site of an unexplained crash in New Mexico back in 1947. Sure, the government maintain that it was nothing but a weather balloon but Roswell has become infamous in the sci-fi world – everything from Independence Day to Paul. So, see it for yourself and make your own conclusions.

Best travel destinations for sci-fi lovers

Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you don’t have the bucket load of cash it would cost to visit all the various places that Game of Thrones is filmed (we’re talking Belfast, Malta, Iceland and beyond), then you should choose Dubrovnik, Croatia. Not only is it a fantastic travel destination in itself, but there are plenty of walking tours that will take you on a journey to some of the filming locations for some epic photo opportunities. Game of Thrones – here we come!

Cardiff, Wales

With their dual-language road signs and Celtic culture, the capital of Wales feels like somewhere completely alien as it is, but add to that the fact that it’s the home of Doctor Who and you have the perfect adventure for a group of Whovians. Be sure to do one of the walking tours of the filming locations and take a trip to the Doctor Who Experience exhibition to see real props.

Death Valley, California

Death Valley is the closest that any of us are ever going to get to Luke Skywalker’s home planet Tatooine! There are even curated tour itineraries created by super fans which map various locations to the scenes they appeared in, so grab some friends, get your costumes on, and recreate your favorite moments from Star Wars.

London, England

The capital of England is a treasure trove of sci-fi excitement. For Doctor Who fans who want even more, there are walking tours offered to spot various landmarks that have appeared in the show; from Trafalgar Square where the original Daleks roamed in the 60s, to Buckingham Palace which was almost the site of a Spaceship Titanic crash – fancy dress is encouraged!

Best travel destinations for sci-fi lovers

If you’re a Potter fan, be sure to take a trip to Leavesden Studios to embark on the Harry Potter Studio Tour and see real props, costumes, and sets from the eight Harry Potter Films. London is also home to a vast number of shops specializing in collectibles, such as Forbidden Planet, or ScifiCollector where you can add to your own collections!

Aside from the obvious sci-fi connections, each of these destinations also offers excellent food, amazing sights, and other attractions that will appeal to your non-nerdy side too! Where do you think is the best travel destination for sci-fi lovers?