How to make your staycation feel like a getaway

Many times, it makes sense to stay at home for a staycation, instead of spending a fortune on a costly trip across the world. However, this does not mean that you can’t still feel like you’re on a luxurious getaway. In order to make your staycation feel like a getaway, you can try to act like a tourist in your own city, and don’t overlook the joy you can get from your very own home. Here are some great ways to make your staycation feel like a getaway.

Improve your lighting with candles

Use candles to improve the lighting and mood in your home. Place burning candles throughout the house, and keep them lit in the evening until you go to sleep. Candles are a quick and easy way to create a comfortable environment. You can buy candles at nearly any supermarket or home decorating store.

How to make your staycation feel like a getaway

Take a complete break from work

Do not check emails related to work or request project updates. This is your free time, so also resist the urge to work from home. Spend time doing activities at home that you enjoy and find relaxing, such as reading a good book, starting a new project, or making a scrapbook.

Decorate with fresh flowers

You can buy ready-made flower arrangements at your local florist or grocery store, or put together simple arrangements yourself. Adhering to color for each arrangement is the best way to bring together flowers and style. It will make your home look and smell fresh and beautiful.

Throw a party

Going on vacation often involves visiting friends you have not seen in a long time. So, instead of going to visit friends outside of your home city, you can organize an event at your home and invite your friends to come and visit you. In fact, if the event is at your home, you can make sure it’s exactly the way you want. And, with the money you’ve saved by taking a staycation instead of paying for flights, you can even splurge it on a waiter or hire someone to help you clean up.

How to make your staycation feel like a getaway

Stock your kitchen

In order to make your staycation special, fill your kitchen with food and drinks that you would not normally have. One of the main advantages of staying at home is not spending too much money on each meal. However, instead of eating a regular rotation of food, mix things up. Stock your kitchen with fun snacks, such as fruits and veggies, almonds and nuts, and fresh cookies. You can also pamper yourself with fun drinks that you would not usually buy. You can even prepare a special meal for yourself.

Great staycation ideas can be found everywhere around you. When planning your staycation, think about what you want from your time off. Stick to things that will help you feel good and relaxed, and avoid stress and work as much as possible. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll feel like you’re enjoying a getaway from the comfort of your own home.