Why traveling is overrated according to some people

Many people wait with bated breath for the day they’ll be able to pack up their suitcases and travel far away from their home places to go explore the world. And not just explore the world but also get away from everyday situation, routines and responsibilities. To either sightsee, relax on tropical islands or experience different cultures. For others however, traveling doesn’t sound like a very important thing that needs to jostle with all the other activities on the calendar until there’s a space available. Put simply, they don’t find any use in traveling, or the need for it. If anything, they think it’s an overrated waste of time, money and energy. Below are reasons they think traveling isn’t really worth all the hype.

It’s costly

A lot of expenses go into executing a well planned trip. Costs will be incurred to get flight tickets, on-ground transport once one gets to their destination, accommodation, food and even for tour guides in some cases. Then there’s of course all the money that’s going to be spent on purchase of souvenirs and shopping. Plus access fees to all the places they mean to visit in their trip. To some people, that’s a lot of expenses to spend on something that’s supposed to be a break from everyday life and bring about relaxation.

Why traveling is overrated according to some people

It can be stressful.

Right from delayed and cancelled flights to getting hopelessly lost in strange cities, traveling can be a stressful experience. In such a case, it’s nearly impossible to have any fun at all on vacation. Some people would rather stay at home than invite the chaos that come with travelling.

Jet lag.

For some people, jet lag is enough put off. They don’t think there’s any fun to be had when your body is having a hard time adjusting to time zones that are so different from where you come from that you spend days in a disoriented state.

It’s a waste of time.

There’s the feeling that traveling is just a waste of time that could be spent working on more productive things like, perhaps, work. After all, the fact remains that work will be right there waiting for you when you get back from your vacation and you’ll have to get back to it. Most people claim that travel helps them recharge and beat stress, but those against travel feel that daily frustrations will still be there whether you travel or not, so it’s better to just remain at your workplace and get as much of it out of the way.

It’s just a chance to show off.

With social media platforms such as Instagram that need to be updated with photos letting others know about one’s whereabouts, trips and vacations become the perfect opportunity to get fresh photos to post. Other people travel just because it makes them feel more accomplished and ‘experienced’ than those who don’t.

Why traveling is overrated according to some people

People spend most time on their vacations on social media.

Back to phones and devices, most people still have their eyes stuck to their phone screens even when they travel. This beats the very essence of traveling – seeing new places,- hence rendering it useless. So, there’s no difference with just remaining at home where one will also be as engaged in their social media accounts.