Ways to free up space in your suitcase when traveling

Bouncing on your suitcase with an almighty force and violently pulling the zipper round so it barely closes shut is as much a tradition. Everyone hates packing, don’t they? It’s stressful. Nothing ever goes to plan. You end up having to compromise on things you feel you definitely will need – and most of all – when you finally get the zipper shut, there’s always that last pair of shoes you have forgotten. Oh, the pain.To ease the chore of packing and to make your life that little bit easier…here are some little space-saving tips.

Ways to free up space in your suitcase when traveling

Roll your clothes

Do not fold your clothes. Instead, always roll them into the tightest compression possible in order to save as much space as you can. Plus it keeps the folded creases at bay too. There are plenty of YouTube videos that will show you the best ways to roll your clothes, too.

Place your shoes at the bottom

Shoes are the real detriment to your packing experience. Try packing them first, placing them at the bottom of the bag to ensure the weight-distribution is the best for you to carry. If you can, cut down at least one pair…Just the single pair of sneakers is absolutely fine.

Stuff your shoes

One good thing about shoes though…they have plenty of space for you to stuff your smaller items into. We’re talking about jewelry, accessories, headphones, etc. It really does save you on the few little nooks and crannies for you to put these smaller things.

Ways to free up space in your suitcase when traveling

Wear your bulkiest item

You don’t need ten sweaters with you if you are traveling somewhere hot. If you must, then the one will do. If your location is not so sunny, then try and wear the biggest of your jackets with you on the flight.

Don’t leave it to the very last minute

Most of us are all guilty of this one. But the truth is, organizing and planning your suitcase in advance can save you the stress when time seems to be running out. Try laying out all of your items a week prior to your departure, this way you can gain a better sense of what is essential.

Travel packing bags/cubes

It’s always an option to invest in some travel-packing bags – perfect if you are backpacking. These cubes help keep your clothes compressed and are easy to compact, stack and fit into your bag effectively. They’re also handy to efficiently organize your items – underwear, accessories, pants, etc.

A soft-sided suitcase

Soft-sided style suitcases allow for more room inside. With a softer and more expandable material, these bags ensure you get as much space out of your luggage as possible. They also usually have more pockets and holders for you to pack the smaller of your items.

We know most of you out there will be trying to compromise as little as possible when you finally get round to packing. To save yourself all the hassle, try and follow these tips as best you can because it will give you more time to really enjoy the vacation preparations.