The world’s weirdest street food

They say that one man’s is another man’s treasure. But does it really apply to the food we eat? Well, many people will agree that it is indeed the truth; foods that are considered delicacies in some parts of the world look terrible to outsiders. From cow’s tongue to fried worms and termites to cooked frog’s legs, the strange items available on the world’s menu is infinite. In fact, winged termites are even said to provide a good source of protein and fat.

Here is a list of some of the strangest and most interesting street food in the world. Be careful though – this list may cause you to lose your appetite.


This delicacy is a cooked duck or chicken egg with a half-grown embryo still inside. It is usually boiled and eaten directly from the shell, feathers and all, and is one of the most controversial foods in the world. It is very common in the Philippines and Cambodia, but is illegal in some countries, like Singapore. It is said that the flavor is something like a mix between eggs and duck. Would you be brave enough to try it?

The world’s weirdest street food

Stuffed camel

This recipe may seem too strange to be real, but it is actually a feast in some parts of the world. To make it, a whole camel is stuffed with a whole sheep, which is stuffed with whole chickens, which are stuffed with eggs and rice. Wow. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this recipe appears as the largest item offered on any menu in the world. The enormous amount of food that this dish provides can feed a lot of people at once.


Blowfish, or Fugu, is one of the deadliest sea creatures. Because of this, the delicacy can only be legally made by certain chefs who have gone through two or three years of training and have a special license to prepare and serve it. According to studies, the toxins in this fish are more deadly than cyanide and cause the sensation of dislocation in the mouth.

Boiled variety of animals parts

In this Taiwanese meal, all you have to do is choose the ingredients you want and put them in a basket. Then the vendor boils the ingredients and gives them to you. The ingredients range from duck tongue to chicken, and many others. You can also add mushrooms and noodles if you want to add some other ingredients to the animal parts.

The world’s weirdest street food


If you are a squeamish person, this Korean dish is not for you. To make Sannakji, octopuses are cut live using sesame oil. When the plate is served, you can see that the probes are still shrinking. While chewing, you must be very careful or else the small suction cups on the octopus’s tentacles can get stuck to your mouth and throat.

Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu, which translates to “rotten cheese,” is an Italian dish from the town of Sardinia. This sheep’s milk cheese contains live insect larvae. When it is ready to be eaten, this cheese is soft and can contain thousands of maggots. It’s definitely not a dish for the faint of heart.