How to write travel articles

So you are headed somewhere warm and sunny this coming holiday season? Well, perhaps it’s about time you learned how to write travel articles before you grab your traveling gear. Understanding the basic structure of a travel article is essential prior to getting started.

Today, we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to transform your awesome trip into a feature that wows readers. You’ll learn how to choose a clear storyline, use dialogue, and begin with a killer first paragraph that demands to be read. Enough with the blabber: here’s how to write travel articles the right way.

1. Get a Clear Storyline

You see; a trip is a series of events and not a story about your own self. While some events are interesting, others are actually not thrilling as such. As a writer, you first need to choose a specific story to convey as well as the events making up that particular story.

How to write travel articles

2. Write an Irresistible Intro

Your first paragraph must be irresistible so your readers can be wowed to continue reading your piece. You can begin a travel article however you like, but make sure your intro section is attention-grabbing enough to convince readers to read the entire snippet. The best travel article starts with things such as humor, drama, dialogue, or a combination of the three.

You should craft those first sentences in such a way that they grip like glue. For the best result, start your travel article in media res, meaning inside the thick of the story, and then gradually backtrack to elaborate the way you found yourself in that situation. By so doing, your readers will be wowed and will likely read the whole story.

3. Be Personal

A good travel article is all about being personal. You are supposed to tell your readers about your own approach to a destination you visited, activities you partook in, and adventures that thrilled you. For instance, what exactly thrilled or inspired you?

4. Your Goal is to Entertain, Not to Impress

More often than not, novice writers end up packing their writing with such things as recherch nomenclature and literary phrases. That is not how a travel article is supposed to appear. Your goal is to entertain your audiences with your story and not to impress them with your language.

How to write travel articles

Put on paper whatever you see and how you feel about the situation. Be playful and experimental as much as possible. However, don’t end up doing it at the audience’s expense.

5. Apply Vivid Language

Travel articles are typically sprinkled with meaningless words and phrases such as incredible, stunning, diverse, pretty, and much more. Mentioning things like bustling, land of contrasts, and melting Pot will make your story beautiful and interesting in a convincing way.

You can apply any of these words and phrases to thousands of destinations across the world. Try as much as you can to use a language that specifically describes the activities and adventures you come across. Doing this allows your audiences to paint that specific picture in their minds.