2021 Travel Forecast

2021 Travel Forecast

As 2020 rapidly dwindles to a close, many are hopeful and excited for what 2021 may bring. After a year where Coronavirus has disrupted the life of every person the world over, many are hoping for a new start in 2021. Indeed, with the early production of a Coronavirus vaccine being released to the public, many plan to take it in an effort for things to return to normalcy. Another reason many plan to get the vaccine is that it might lead to a more stress free travel experience in the new year — and yes, there will be travel.

Good New Years’ predictions

In light of the new vaccine, many will likely be anxious to get it, so that they can be better protected against the Coronavirus. In this regard, it might take the first few months of 2021 before travel companies see any explosions of growth. The operation of airlines, for example, will remain fairly the same for the first business quarter, until a burst of travel for college’s Spring Break and Easter in the second quarter.
In addition, road trips will continue to dominate the scene, both for those who have and have not taken the vaccine. Road trips have reinvented themselves and become the new favorite form of travel this past year, and many will likely continue to enjoy the convenience they provide well into 2021. At this point, it is not quite certain how international travel will look for some nations, if potential visitors have the vaccine. Doubtless, travelers should be prepared to show proof of the vaccination before they even attempt any travel.

New year, same mindset

One thing that became extremely relevant in 2020 that will carry on into the new year is the way businesses take care of their customers and are intentional about safety and renewability measures. Businesses that should keep this in mind the most might be cruises and other tourist heavy industries. Not only that, but people will continue to be wary into 2021, and the safety precautions developed in this year will certainly carry into the next.
Overall, what this means for travelers is that they should continue to practice safety, and to plan intentionally what they will do in the coming year. For businesses, many hurting this last year, 2021 looks very promising. But as always, it’s wise to maintain a level of safety for everyone.