Here are 6 things to consider about holiday travel

Here are 6 things to consider about holiday travel

In recent days, the Coronavirus has begun to spread at rates similar to — or even higher — than when it first made it to America sometime in February or March. With this “third wave” of Coronavirus arriving on the eve of America’s most traveled holiday, many are wondering if it is safe at all to travel. And if they are traveling, they are wondering how they might mitigate the risk. Here are some expert suggestions for those traveling this Thanksgiving.

Stick to the basics

At this point, medical experts say that the biggest spreaders of COVID-19 are those who don’t know they have it, or who have it but have yet to show any signs. Coronavirus has a development period of up to 14 days before symptoms appear, so you can cut the turkey and pass the stuffing, but it’s what’s all over the bowls that could put your family out more than a stomach ache.
However, since it is likely many Americans will travel, regardless of what experts recommend, it would be wise to at least reduce the number of “contact locations” for the trip. That means that for those driving, make as few pit stops as possible and only drive between the host’s house on Thanksgiving and whatever hotel or location you are staying at. For those flying, try to maintain social distancing as best as possible, and make sure to go right to wherever you are staying from the airport.

Don’t pop the bubble

When describing a “bubble,” for many Americans this means the people and family they see on a regular basis. Just like before, limiting any contact from those outside the bubble is crucial to reducing or eliminating the risk of catching the Coronavirus. Overall, driving is the safest method, as the driver can plan how to limit stops while on the way to the destination. Flying is second best, since airplanes have great filtration systems, but it is not foolproof, and cases do pop up.
In addition, airlines are not enforcing social distancing, with most major American airlines filling rows again. Whether you plan to travel this Thanksgiving or whether you have to break the news to your family that you’re staying home, the plan should be the same. Be strict about your plan and remember: you’re doing it for the safety of yourself and others.