American Airlines cuts restrictions and boosts testing

American Airlines cuts restrictions and boosts testing

Many American airlines are hoping for a 2021 travel boom after a year filled with death, sickness, and stagnation. Many airlines are, in fact, putting all their chips on the table. Many airlines have already gone out of business, and without a savvy way to bring in some business in 2021, many more are likely to follow. So, to prepare for the busier travel seasons in a few months, many airlines are already working out their new systems, now that tests and vaccines are becoming more readily available to the traveling public.

Ripping up restrictions

Airlines for America, a collection of companies that make up the main American airlines, emailed vice president Mike Pence requesting he end some of the travel restrictions currently in place. One of the things Airlines for America wants is to get rid of restrictions on Europeans and Asians who wish to come to America, mostly because those nations have lower infection rates than America.
This is paired with a wish for universal testing to be offered and mandated for all travelers. Airlines for America said that by reworking the current restrictions, American airlines can operate in a safe way, but also revitalize many of the local communities that rely on travel-based economies.

Concerns on testing

While the plan is a good one, it is not foolproof. The CDC itself has even said that testing remains imperfect, and that travelers can become infected in the timeframe between when they take the test and when they actually board the plane. Airlines for America, however, has taken this into consideration. They believe that if they introduce a comprehensive plan of testing universally, that it will better protect passengers instead of having rules about certain locations. There are already rules in place that testing is mandatory for people coming from the UK, but the hope is that if testing is a universal requirement, airlines can open up for more international travel with less hassle.
Pairing this with the recent release of a Coronavirus vaccine at the end of 2020, and Airlines of America is confident that 2021 will be a year where many can travel safely, and that they can do so with confidence. Overall, travelers should keep their eyes on the ever changing safety requirements, and make sure they can fulfill them to the best of their abilities.