Canada extends international travel restrictions

In the last few months, most of the world has been dealing with a resurgence of Coronavirus cases. As such, most countries are reintroducing or reinforcing earlier restrictions, with some nations going so far as to have second batches of lockdowns. As the list of countries reasserting safety procedures grows, Canada can be added to the list, as they are dramatically altering their rules and guidelines Canada closes the borders for travel.

Kiss the maple syrup goodbye

Until recently, Canada had a ban on unessential travel. This means that tourists and sightseers alike were prohibited from coming into the country. Travel was, however, allowed for those who needed to do so for business or other related needs. In the wake of the rising cases, Canada has made a change to the previous rules. Canada’s Minister of Public Safety has now extended a country wide ban on all foreign travelers until January 2021. The ban for the US extends until December of 2021, almost a full year from the date of the new restrictions.

Canada does have a small exception for an Alberta airline, that is being used to test alternate ideas to country-wide lockdowns. Canada’s Minister also added that they will continue to evaluate and update the situation, so that they have relevant and safe plans in place, a wise idea given the rapid changes undergone since March of 2020.

Exemptions and options

Once Canada’s new rules are in place, most travelers will be banned from coming into the country. This includes most business travel and all leisure based travel. However, there are those who can continue to enter the country. This list includes any people who are in relationships with Canadian citizens, such as husbands, wives, guardians, or children. In addition, those who attend a university in Canada will be able to continue to do so, at least for the time being.
Of course, those who Canada has deemed as essential workers will also be able to enter the country despite the ban. All those who are allowed continued access to the country will still have to follow the fourteen day quarantining procedures that are already in place. What this all means is that Americans best plan other locations, if any, to spend the upcoming holidays at. In addition, any travelers who wished to come from abroad should delay their trip a bit and practice safety first.