Finnair company is selling its airplane food in grocery stores

Finnair company is selling its airplane food in grocery stores

What is most enjoyable about the experience of flying? Is it the initial rush during takeoff? Is it seeing the world shrink below when you lift off and touch down? For some, one of the nicest parts of flying is the food. However, due to Coronavirus, many have been sadly lacking in that department, with airlines suspending food service nearly universally. Fortunately, Finnair has come up with a way to provide that blessing to their customers — by offering Finnair food at the local grocery store!

Fine dining without the flight

In an innovative move, Finnair is offering its fine dining food options at a local grocery store in Vantaa, Finland. Many of the classic meals, such as reindeer meatballs and risotto, are being offered through the store, prepackaged and ready for consumption. This comes as the airline tries to find ways to employ those in the Finnair cooking facility. Many were laid off during the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, when international and even local travel was suspended. At the moment, only 10 employees have been brought back, but if this trial proves fruitful, even more cooking staff might hope to return in future months.

A unique bite

Finnair Food is designed as typical Nordic fare, but with a bit of a Japanese twist. Finnair hopes that this food fusion is a tempting menu and this will be supported, hopefully with sales to match. Finnair has only released their food at one store, the one most close to the Finnair Food Site, but they hope to expand to other grocery stores across Finland if this venture proves fruitful. Indeed, they even estimate that their food might be popular with foreigners, and in future years, Americans, Canadians, and Brits might see Finnair Food on their shelves before long.

At present, there are two entrée options, with an appetizer option. The plan is for these meals to change biweekly, similar to how Finnair would change the recipes for their Business Line Ticket Holders. Finnair is not the only airline trying to generate alternate forms of income, though. Singapore Airlines hosted a one night restaurant in one of their planes, with reservations being snapped up. Furthermore, Qantas auctioned off trolleys from retired 747’s, including all the delightful snacks and booze that it held inside. This way, you can experience your favorite airlines while also staying grounded.