The future of flights in 2021, and where travellers want to go

The future of flights in 2021, and where travellers want to go

With most of 2020 being a complete bust, travelers will be pinning their hopes on 2021 and a hopeful relaxation of restrictions and quarantines. Even though nothing is promised, and next year could prove to be as hectic as this one, the likelihood of travel seems good. Many travelers have already begun pinpointing where they would like to go. However, in the face of the Coronavirus, many Americans and Canadians are changing their idea of a vacation, and where they want to go.

International interests

As the new year draws closer, many seem to be planning a vacation, regardless of the conditions around them. Most of the renewed drive for adventure can be attributed to Lonely Planet’s new guide of “must see” places and attractions. A brand new edition, adding in more outdoor and socially distant options, offers more choices than ever to an audience deprived of choices.
And they have responded. At present, 70% of Canadians state that they have plans or will make plans to travel next year. Americans, likewise, have high hopes to visit family, if nothing else. Over 70% of Americans say they plan to visit family or take a trip. Among popular locations are Europe, The Caribbean, and Mexico. Most of these will-be travellers seem to want to avoid popular, but crowded, urban centers like New York. Insteadi, they’re opting for more spacious vacation areas, such as mountain or beach destinations.

Troubles at home

Despite high hopes of travel in the coming year, those inside the United States have to worry about their international relations, as well as the number of Coronavirus cases inside the state. Hawaii, being a popular vacation destination, has released safety guides for the various islands, and ways they are prepared to keep future visitors safe. In addition, National Parks and other outdoor services are seeing more foot traffic than ever, offering a new take on vacation for some people.

This means travellers should establish their vacation plans early, and perhaps try something new this year. Flights could quickly become booked and hotels might run out of rooms. However, when committing to a vacation plan, it would also be wise to leave enough wiggle room to adapt to any new changes needed… just in case a second possible wave of Coronavirus begins to rear its ugly head.