Greece closes the gates

Greece closes the gates

In the wake of renewed Coronavirus cases, many nations are modifying the ways that they are letting people cross the border. Already, some nations are extending shut downs for tourists through the year 2021. Some nations, however, depend heavily on the tourism industry and are not keen on immediately cutting off such a reliable source of income. However, as time goes on, more nations are shutting down their borders as the numbers continue to rise. Most recent on that list is Greece.

A brief pause

Greece has introduced an increase of their restrictions, limiting domestic flights until December 7th and international flights until the 14th. This comes at the back of almost 100 new cases across the small island country in the last week.
There are slight exemptions, however, in order to allow workers to travel for familial or health reasons, or if their work is essential elsewhere. All other travelers in Greece, though, should prepare to hunker down for a week or so. For those wishing to travel to Greece, the travel ban on non-EU countries is still in place, with exceptions for a handful of countries that are doing well.

Unpack the luggage

For those countries allowed limited access to Greece, it is still required that travelers have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the flight departure. The ban for travel, leveled at countries like Canada and America is still in place, and it doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon. Greece seems to be one of many countries preparing to hunker down for a second lockdown in an attempt to lower Coronavirus cases, until a reliable vaccine can be found and distributed.
What this all means for travelers is that they should cross Greece off the list, at least for the time being. For Americans and Canadians, know that international travel options are scant, but not nonexistent. For those within the EU, it is recommended to postpone the travel for as long as possible, so as to have the least risk of coming into contact with an individual infected with Coronavirus. As always, the rest of 2020 will continue to be a difficult year for those who like to travel. But fortunately, 2021 is around the corner, and could offer some light to those who find themselves in a very dark place.