The new flight rules during lockdown in the UK

The new flight rules during lockdown in the UK

With cases rising and with the introduction of a new strain, the four nations of the United Kingdom have, more or less, uniformly put into place a new batch of lockdowns. This may come with much public backlash, as many in the US and the UK particularly fight back against such public enforcements of safety. But in reality, this changes very little that was previously in place, and mirrors early safety guidelines. Here is what people can expect to change or stay the same until this next lockdown is finished.

Day to day activities

To begin with, most of these restrictions or guidelines are more flexible for those who work in the healthcare industry or are first line responders. To start with, everyone is expected to minimize travel to their local area. This area is described as “your local village, town, or city.” Unless of a medical emergency or shopping for key essentials, travel shouldn’t leave that bubble. Travel for exercise is allowed, so long as that travel falls within that bubble.

Furthermore, exercise done outside in public should be only with family or with one other person, to minimize the chances of the virus spreading. For those who bike, you are still allowed to do so, provided your route keeps you close to home and within that “city” limit.

Reworking travel

One thing that will obviously look different is travel. Local forms of travel won’t be too different than before the lockdown. Trains and buses will still travel, although some will travel at reduced numbers. In addition, train lines and companies that do long distance travel only will be suspending operations entirely until the lockdown is done. This is all part of a larger scale effort to lock the country down. In addition, plane flights will be largely suspended or reduced in number. Those flying will need to be doing so for a good reason.

Those who are currently abroad are told there is no need to rush home, as infection rates at other countries is typically lower than it is in the UK. As for concerns about how this will affect airlines that are already struggling, this couldn’t come at a better time. The months from January to March are largely low-travel months, and so the lockdown won’t deprive those airlines of business. Overall, reducing travel now will create a chance to travel later.