Singapore is reopening and other travel news

Singapore is reopening and other travel news

The travel world, over the course of the last several months, has drastically changed. Due to this, many countries and companies are seeking to find ways to adapt and market themselves during this trying time. Some companies see this as theoretical blood in the water, and is causing them to strike at weaker competitors. Other companies are having to rework how they advertise to visitors, and every country is trying to balance the scale of safety and profitability. Here are a handful of stories from the recent world of travel.

Time to remodel

With a more limited number of guests, many industries are having to revamp the way they market. This can be seen most starkly in the Caribbean. The small islands have been able to rely on the steady tourism of cruise liners, bringing in droves of inexperienced and temporary visitors. Now, however, the travel market needs to try and draw in long term, and more discerning, clientele now that cruise ships are about as safe as sticking a hand in a food processor.
Trip Advisor, the popular hotel and resort reviewing site, is using this opportunity to expand its purview to restaurants and other eateries. However, it will find stiff competition in the form of Google, Yelp, and other pre-established services. Other companies and businesses find themselves in either good fortune or bad.
Many tech companies are under fire, both in Europe and abroad, for being akin to monopolies, and are targeted by multiple countries. Other companies are using this time of respite to try and bundle or expand servers to better suit the needs of the customer — and to make a better buck.

Shopping around

One thing that hotels are doing is trying to claim a chunk of the new “work from hotel” industry. Many have gotten a taste of the remote work, and now that travel is opening up to different parts of the world, why not wake up, enjoy coffee and a continental breakfast, and then head to the morning meeting? It certainly beats a commute.
Hotels are now trying to entice this new breed of worker into coming to their hotels to stay. Not only that, but they are having to renew and rethink the services they already offer, as many travelers are looking for more than just economy when planning their next stay.