Stars flock to the Maldives

Stars flock to the Maldives

For many, the lockdown isn’t over quite yet. However, for some, the time to get out is now. Many countries, specifically those who lean heavily on the tourism industry, are trying desperately to drum up new business. One of those countries is the Maldives.
The Maldives are a set of islands that reside south of the Indian subcontinent. Recently, the country has opened up with little to no travel restrictions, marketing itself as one of the best destinations to travel to this year. That marketing seems to have paid off, as many celebrities from India have chosen the Maldives as this year’s hot travel destination.

B-list beauty

What is probably most frustrating for some is that, even with a global pandemic going on, the celebrities seem to be having a better time of it than us. Indian celebrities from Bollywood — such as Taapsee Pannu, Mouni Roy and Mandira Bedi — are among these notable tourists. Many of these celebrities were enjoying the many amenities of the Maldives, such as beautiful sunrise breakfasts, snorkeling, swimming, and tanning on the beach. In fact, the photos shared by some of these celebrities leave the viewer feeling absolutely cheated out of the vacation they could have had this year.
Overall, for the denizens who have been locked in the house with their kids, for whom a simple trip to the nail salon seems like a luxury, these photos seem like cherubim from on high, taunting us with their wealth. However, there is still hope for the average joe that they can enjoy the Maldives.

Rubbing elbows

In the wake of the Coronavirus, traveling has never been so friendly… at least, financially. Trips that would bankrupt a middle income family is now something that they could pay for. Plane flights have slashed prices, hotels are practically giving away rooms, and restaurants around the world are starved for customers. Free upgrades, inclusive packages, and excursions have never been cheaper.

Indeed, many countries are competing for the small number of people who are willing and able to travel this year, and that scramble will likely continue into 2021. So, if travel is not in the budget for this year, have patience. Soon, you could be in the Maldives, sipping on a cool, refreshing beverage, while the sun dips over the horizon. And you can do it without having to sell an organ.