Staying remote in style: new offers in Dubai

Staying remote in style: new offers in Dubai

Digital Nomad. It is a term for someone whose job allows them to travel as much as they want, or rather, can afford. People like bloggers, social media sensations, promoters — as well as others who make their living on the web — have lived this lifestyle for years. Now, ever since people were forced to quarantine in March, everyone who has kept their job was given a bit of the taste of the Digital Nomad lifestyle.
Studies have been showing an increased desire by many for their job to continue to be remote. Well, Dubai is one of the first nations trying to cash in on those who would want to stick to the computers and coffees and skip the morning commute.

COVID changes

In the United Kingdom, over 60 percent of employees are still working remotely, to some degree. Combining that with the loneliness that an office job creates, the long hours, and the commute from work to home, working remotely long-term has never been more appealing. Dubai has taken the first step to try and tempt others to stay, and why wouldn’t they? Dubai is a beautiful location, offering year round sun, beaches, and delightful dining experiences for after hours. Not only that, but there are open plan offices for remote workers, tailored to fit their needs.
Our Space Dubai offers a space for those whose work creates more noise or needs a free expression, as well as offering a Zen room for those desiring a little more peace. Nasab, another group, offers an open office plan, right alongside their gyms and indoor pools. What could be more convenient than a tedious morning meeting from the comfort of a hot tub?

Signing up

For a small monthly fee, plus a processing fee and health care, you could remote work from Dubai. However, Dubai is not the only fair weather country seeking those to work remotely from it. Barbados is also allowing people, who qualify, to stay year round, trying to repair their travel industry post-coronavirus.
The possibilities are endless for the average traveller. If they work a job where they can do so from home (or will be working from home long-term), they might consider doing so from the comfort of a beach or a holiday resort… instead of from within their own house.