Travel Companies That Are Thriving Amid the Pandemic

Travel Companies That Are Thriving Amid the Pandemic

Many industries — such as restaurants, theaters, television, and most significantly, the travel industry — have suffered during the duration of COVID 19. As most of the world is in the midst of preventing another resurgence of the novel Coronavirus, many companies and businesses in the travel world wonder if they can survive much more of this.
However, some travel businesses have been finding success, however limited, within this new context of COVID 19. Here are a few businesses that have found success with helping people travel and doing it safely during this tumultuous time.

Struck down, now flying high

One small business that has been recovering steadily in recent months is the company Peek. Peek serves as a booking service, where people would book hotels and excursions for their travel. After hitting a hard earned $1 billion in bookings, the Coronavirus had it rapidly spiraling downward, almost to zero. However, the company has seen over $20 million in sales, coming from small businesses offering “excursions” such as cycling or cooking classes.
Peek says that if you can find a way to make something new, fresh, and most importantly, safe, people will flock to it. Another business that should have gone down the drain was AirBnB. However, due to virtual tours and guides of locations, the company has also seen modest gains, considering the travel climate around them.

Growing stay-cations

The Coronavirus rapidly made “working from home” a sink or swim necessity for companies. If they could not find ways for people to work from home, the business quickly sank. Many people were thrilled to be working from home, what with skipping the morning commute and being able to wear sweats underneath the button up shirt. However, many are looking to find new places to stay while they work abroad, and with the over thousands of new jobs being marketed as “completely remote,” this new way of work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
Many resorts and travel groups are seeing growth for those who want to add some luxury to their work day. Not only that, but industries that rent out equipment, such as RVs, have never been more popular. They are seeing profits that haven’t been there in decades. Overall, many travel companies are rebranding and remarketing themselves, and travelers around the world are jumping at the chance to get away from the house.