Traveling for Thanksgiving? Here’s what to bring with you to stay safe

Traveling for Thanksgiving? Here’s what to bring with you to stay safe

For many Americans, this will be the first year where they will not be running the gauntlet of traffic and tantrums to make it to a loved ones house. For many years, a child wetting themselves, getting sick, or simply a delay because of an accident was the worst they might face while heading out and about. But, with the Coronavirus infecting millions worldwide, and the United States seeing 100,000 new cases in the past weeks, many are wondering if they should travel at all. However, for those where traveling is essential or where it is the only time a year to see a special loved one, here are some essentials you should bring along for the trip.

Wipe down or lockdown

Besides all the normal, day to day items (such as clothing and toiletries), items for sanitation will be essential this Thanksgiving. For those traveling by air, masks and gloves are a strong recommendation, as they eliminate any potential for coming into contact with the Coronavirus. Of course, hand sanitizer will be at a premium, but a small bottle or two would make a world of difference when traveling.

Not only that, but some items — such as tissues, handkerchiefs, and any other snot receptacle — is sure to be of great value in preventing any kind of spread of germs. For those who wish to go above and beyond with sanitation, there are even devices that can sanitize phones or other electronics. This can help make sure you don’t come into contact with residual germs picked up from a food court table or from the baskets in the airport terminal.

Creature comforts

Of course, most people can’t be purely Spartan in their approach for packing, and they should include some comforting items for the trip. Depending on the duration of the flight or road trip, items such as a blanket, neck pillow, eye mask, or other items necessary for a quick snooze might be beneficial.

In addition, a treasure trove of snacks, drinks, and other miscellaneous goodies can be stuffed in a cooler, so that might be a wise investment to keep the young ragamuffins in the back seat occupied. Books, tablets, and other items for entertainment will make the ride bearable for all. However, above all, make sure to prioritize safety this year over fun and adventure.