Australia vs. New Zealand – where should you go?

Nestled nicely in the South Pacific lies the continent of Oceania. It’s a continent home to both Australia and New Zealand, and it’s a fascinatingly unique region of the planet like no other. If you’re lucky enough to be taking a trip down under, then the chances are you’ll be visiting either Australia or New Zealand, but what are the major differences between the two?

Well, the answer to that is there are a lot of differences. Both are just as beautiful with friendly locals, and both have just as many reasons as to why you should definitely take a trip there. Let’s take a look at what both countries have to offer.

Why should I go to Australia?

With Australia being the sixth largest country in the world, there’s a variety of different regions you can visit. The main cities to visit will be Perth in the West, Adelaide in the South, and the South East region, which is home to Sydney, Brisbane, and the Capital city, Canberra. Each one of these locations will offer you something different to set your sights upon.

If you’re looking for bright city lights, visit Sydney, to walk along Sydney Harbour and see the Grand Opera House while you’re at it too. If you want to be at one with nature, then you can either visit the Blue Mountains for a hiking trek, walk along the dusty sands of the outback to see Ayers Rock, or even snorkel in the crystal blue waters surrounding The Great Barrier Reef.

For the best nightlife, take a trip to Melbourne, known as the party capital of Australia, where there are bars and clubs for all types of music. If you fancy yourself as a food and drink connoisseur, then there’s plenty of different Aussie specialties for you to sink your teeth into – like a meat pie while watching an AFL game.

Why should I go to New Zealand?

New Zealand consists of a North and South Island, both offering a different vacation experience, depending on what you’re looking to be doing. It’s often considered that the best way to see New Zealand is to take a road trip and drive across the islands in a camper van. Every direction you look you’ll see the next scenic viewpoint to stop off at.

In the South Island, there’s a plethora of gorgeous mountainous towns and villages, including the mammoth Mount Cook, the tallest mountain in New Zealand. Lord of the Rings was also filmed across the island too. The North Island is a little less touristy, but still nonetheless packed with tons of things to see and do including volcano climbing, sailing, or relaxing on one of their gorgeous beaches.

So where should I go?

In a nutshell, the main difference between Australia and New Zealand is that Oz is bigger, busier, and more built-up, offering a typical touristy vacation where you can visit the world-famous landmarks. Whereas New Zealand is a lot more remote, offering a relaxed, outdoorsy approach to vacationing where you’ll want to take in the breathtaking views of the landscape.

Visit Australia if you’re looking for…a hotter climate, bustling cities, extraordinary wildlife, family-fun, and water-sports.

Visit New Zealand if you’re looking for…a milder climate, quaint rural towns, hiking treks, and laid-back vibes in both Summer and Winter.