Hidden parts of the plane that you never see

It’s pretty amazing that a colossal metal structure, carrying hundreds of people, luggage, and sub-par food can fly through the sky like it’s no big deal, and get us from one country to another in a matter of hours. When you really think about it, airplanes are incredible, and we don’t give them enough credit; we just complain about crying babies, lack of legroom, and a mediocre movie selection. That said, planes are actually even more amazing than we first thought – here are some hidden parts of the plane that you never see!

Hidden parts of the plane that you never see

Secret crew bedrooms

Would you believe that there are a few little sleeping areas for crew and pilots on a plane?! Pilots quarters are more like a small apartment, above the flight deck, whereas cabin crew takes turns in a small bunk, with a seatbelt to keep them from falling out. These are usually used only during long-haul flights, such as the epic 17-hour flight between Australia and England.

Bumpy wings

If you look out at the wings while flying, you might be able to spot little yellow bumps with holes in. These are an emergency feature which means that if the plan were to land in the water, a rope could be attached to them to help passengers grab on and pull themselves up. It really seems as though everything has been thought of for emergencies. That makes us feel safer!

Exit door handles

Another emergency object, you may have seen the handles on the inside of the plane doors and not given it much thought. In the event of an evacuation onto an emergency slide, this allows the flight attendant in charge of overseeing the departure something to hold on to, in case they are knocked out of the way during the panic!

A hidden handrail

Sometimes mid-flight, things can be a little rocky (especially if you’ve also had a little tipple or two!) and it can be hard to walk down the aisle without steadying yourself a little. Instead of using other passengers’ headrests – or risk falling into their laps – you can reach up to the overhead bins and feel for the groove which acts as a handy handrail.

Hidden parts of the plane that you never see

A ghastly closet

This is about as morbid as it sounds, and luckily doesn’t have to be used very often. However, if a passenger passes away on a flight, and they are unable to be put on a row of seats and covered with dignity, the only other option is a locker by the exit doors, where they can be placed. Interestingly, however, if there is space in First Class, they will often be put there; probably the only way some of us will ever see First Class at all!

So now that the curtains have been pulled back a little, it’s “plane” to see that there is more to an aircraft than meets the eye! Next time you are flying, take a moment to consider all the hidden bits and maybe even wow your travel buddies with your incredible knowledge of the hidden parts of airplanes.